Clan Wars Information

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How We Run Clan Wars

1. We don't pick certain players or tanks, everyone gets to fight.

2. Whatever tank you're best in, we have our members ready up,

after, our battle caller(s) pick from whatever tanks are readied up.

3. If you sat out one match, you be 1st to get picked in the next match, makes no difference if it's round one or round two.

4. If we lose. there is no drama.

5. During clan wars season, during prime time, if clan wars special battle pops and instead of you

jumping in ready up, you want to keep playing pub matches, you will be warned.

6. Depending on how we do, and people online, sometimes we might have to lose a match there and there

to avoid two battles popping at the same time. This is the way lower clans do clan wars anymore.


Past Clan Wars Finishes

-Full Seasons Clan Wars-


Finished 8th Place: 2017

Tier 6 Clan Wars Season 5


Season 7 Clan Wars: 2018

finished 31st


Season 11 Clan Wars: 2019

Finished 59

- - -

-Mini Seasons Clan Wars-


Finished 122



Finished 127

Soldiers of Fortune: 2019


Finished 98

Tier 10: Fire Trail: 2019

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